Specialised prenatal and postnatal workouts, treatments and guidance.

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About Mothers in Motion

Mothers in Motion is a product  that combines physical therapy and sports practice. Our programs are the result of 20 years of study and experience in the fields of breathing techniques, physical therapy, manual therapy, ultrasound examination of the muscular system, pelvic floor therapy, fitness, sports rehabilitation, top sport and sports training in the form of personal training and analyses of strength disbalances.   

We offer future mothers an all-round program; from healthy pregnancy to "fit mom". We do from our practice in Rotterdam, and online, for example through our workshops.


Experiences from our mothers


“I never thought I would stil be exercising at 39 weeks pregnant! Mothers in Motion kept me fit and healthy during the pregnancy and was a great place to meet other mothers-to-be! I highly recommend it!”


“Vroeg in mijn zwangerschap ben ik begonnen bij MIM, waar ik mega goede begeleiding kreeg in wat ik allemaal kon doen in voorbereiding op de bevalling. Daarnaast waren er nog super leuke groepslessen waar ik heel veel aan heb gehad, ook omdat je met iedereen in dezelfde fase zit kun je ervaringen uitwisselen. Ik was fitter dan ooit waarvan ik ook zeker weet dat dit mij de power gaf tijdens de bevalling en zorgde voor een snel herstel. Ik stond met 6 weken alweer in de sportschool. Ik kan dit echt iedereen aanraden die fit wil zijn voor en na de zwangerschap!”


“Dankzij het MIM programma kreeg ik enorm veel kracht in mijn benen, wat ik goed kon gebruiken tijdens de bevalling en vooral na de bevalling. Over het algemeen voelde ik me sterk en fit door te sporten tijdens mijn zwangerschap en dankzij de workshops goed voorbereid. Zo kon ik vol vertrouwen mijn bevalling ingaan.”


Sports & physical therapy under one roof

The power of Physiomotion and with it Mothers in Motion is in bringing together sport and sports guidance, such as (pelvis) physical therapy, manual therapy and breathing  therapy. With a well-tuned team of physical therapists who have also performed top sports, we can deliver customized work and not only treat complaints quickly and effectively, but also offer preventative care. Mothers in Motion is a valuable partner for future for young mothers in the field of physical health and well-being to prevent a lot of health problems maybe partly caused by pregnancy. 

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"The full package" or customization

The prenatal plan of Mothers in Motion offers a total package for future mothers. All parts are of great value during a first pregnancy.

For young mothers, during a second or third pregnancy, or women who do not want to participate in the entire program, all workshops, checks and training are also available separately. Think that it is a sort of a menu. Also inquire about our additional services such as as pregnancy massages for relaxation. 

Costs & fees


Location & facilities

Our gym and physiotherapy practice is located in the center, in the city triangle of Rotterdam; 2e Sint-Janshof 8. Here is a large number of treatment rooms, a room for group lessons and a large fitness area. The area is perfectly suitale for outdoor trainings as well! 

Mothers in Motion is easily accessible by public transport and is within walking distance of metro (Oostplein), train (station Blaak) and tram (line 7). Furthermore, there is usually sufficient (paid) parking space in the neighborhood. 

We also offer various services online. The most important example of this are our prenatal workshops, but many of our intakes or consultations are available online as well. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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