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Breathing therapy during the pregnancy

A correct breathing technique is essential for anyone, and has a major influence on your wellbeing. With a delivery coming up, controling your breathing is more important than ever! With the capnotrainer you can improve your breathing effectively. 


Improve breathing using the Capnotrainer

Capnometry has existed for a long time in anesthesia and is still being used in operation rooms everywhere in the whole world!

Capnotraining has been set up by Better Physiology (www.betterphysiology.com) for therapists since 2000. Mothers in Motion uses "capnotraining" since 2004 so that expectant mothers can learn how to breathe in order to keep their oxygen levels high for themselves and their babies before delivery but also during their delivery! I thing everyone will agree that the oxygen levels in our tissues is very important! 

Physiomotion is European distributor of the Capnotrainer® and the only one in the Netherlands that uses this measuring instrument!

mastitis behandeling

Analyse and train your breathing technique ONLINE

What are your breathing habits and how are the affecting you? 
Many people develop poor breathing technique over the years. This can cause a wide range of physical and mental complaints. During pregnancy and delivery, optimal oxygen uptake is vital for you and your baby. With the help of our capnotrainer we can analyze and train your breathing in a personal live interactive webinar session. During this session, a 'Certified Breathing Behavior Analyst' will:

  • Evaluate your breathing behavior.
  • Collect relevant data.
  • Recommend the necessary steps toward achieving your goals.
  • Assist you in overcoming dysfunctional breathing habits. 
  • Improve your breathing mechanics and respiratory chemistry.

The Breathing Science Network
Physiomotion is affiliated to The Breathing Science Network. This is a group of dedicated professionals, passionate about providing you with the best customized ONLINE breathing Learning Services possible. We help you to identify and disengage dysfunctional habits that trigger symptoms and deficits that compromise health and performance. Them, we can learn you new breathing habits that optimize respiration. You will be in control of your breathing and thus in control of your health and performance.

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