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Pregnancy massage in Rotterdam centre

A pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on your body. A pregnancy massage can provide the necessary relief and relaxation. With a massage table, especially designed for pregnant women and a team of experienced physiotherapists, you are in good hands at Mothers in Motion.Rotterdam.

pregnancy massage rotterdam

Pregnancy massage

It has been proven that 30 minutes of massage a day releases the same endorphins as 1 hour of intensive exercise! 

Mothers in Motion has expert physiotherapists (they are also trained to give massages) who can give you a wonderful relaxing massage during your pregnancy. You can lie on your belly on a special pregnancy table and you can choose a 45-minute normal massage or a nice 45-minute hot stone massage. Let us know where you need the most relaxation or let the physical therapist their own initiative  by his / her expertise where it does you the most good!

Looking for a pregnancy massage in Rotterdam centre?

Contact us at 010 217 9340 or info@mothersinmotion.nl for information or appointments.

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