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Postnatal ultrasound of the stomach muscles

During a pregnancy and delivery the abdominal muscles have to endure a lot. To get a reliable insight in any possible damage to the abdominal wall ánd to work on your recovery effectively, you can get a postnatal ultrasound of the abdominal muscles at Mothers in Motion Rotterdam.


Post natal ultrasound

During pregnancy and childbirth, the abdominal muscles can be weakened or damaged. Damages (ruptures) to the abdominal muscles or a navel rupture can be effectively detected with an ultrasound of the abdominal muscles. We can see exactly whether the abdominal muscles are still intact and functioning properly. It also allows us to determine what kind of rehabilitative training or therapy may be needed in order to quickly get back to the desired level and be able to practise your favourite sports as usual. 

How does an ultrasound scan go?

An ultrasound starts with a short intake. If it is your first time, we will explain how your abdominal muscles are built and which ones are the most important and why. Then we will make an ultrasound of both the left and the right side. You will be asked to contract and relax a number of times. Possibly in different positions. During the ultrasound, you can watch yourself and see exactly what is happening. Realtime is bio-feedback from your body! 

After the postnatal ultrasound of the abdominal muscles

  • You will have the knowledge to tighten your abdominal muscles in the right way and with the right intensity. 
  • You will know for sure if you have any damage that can hinder the full use of your abdominal muscles and prevent you from doing your favourite sport again. 

Interested in a postnatal ultrasound of the stomach muscles?

Contact us at 010 217 9340info@mothersinmotion.nl or stop by our practice for more information or to plan an appointment.