Specialised prenatal and postnatal workouts, treatments and guidance.

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Our team

Meet our team of personal trainers en therapists:

Stephanie Leyh

Physical therapist, Manual Therapeut, Pelvic physical therapist, Breathing specialist

Since 2002 I am (co)owner of Physiomotion, together with my partner, Joost van Mierlo. In 2008 I started Mothers in Motion. I am a (pelvic)physical therapist and manual therapist. I teach fitness and aerobics lessons and I am a breathing specialist (capno-trainer). It is my mission to improve the lives of (pregnant) women!


Joost van Mierlo


Together with my partner Stephanie Leyh I am the owner of Physiomotion. I am a physical therapist, manual therapist and respiratory specialist. This allows me to help people with different problems. My expertise is treating complaints due to trauma or people in postoperative state. I find the treatment and analysis and training of pregnant ladies is really an added value and I do this with great pleasure with my wife Stephanie. 


Meet the team

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