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Personal training after pregnancy

Safe and effective 'Back in Shape'
Many young mothers struggle with getting back to training after giving birth. Both physically and mentally the maternity period is an intense and challenging period. Personal training is - by far - the most successful method for getting rid of the pregnancy kilos quickly and responsibly!

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Postnatal personal training rotterdam

Personal training

Pregnancy and childbirth, as well as the subsequent maternity period, demand a lot from your body. Over the years, we have found that personal training is by far the most successful method for women to pick up training and quickly get rid of their pregnancy.

Stay on track

The first problem with postnatal exercise is often finding the motivation. By drawing up a personal training schedule with your trainer and planning a route to recovery and getting back in shape, you are motivated to continue. And easy withdrawal is not an option once the appointment is made!

Individual training programm

More importantly, training can be completely tailored to your personal situation. How a delivery goes and whether damage occurs to abdominal or pelvic floor muscles, for example, cannot be predicted in advance and is sometimes not immediately noticeable after the birth. To prevent future problems (such as incontinence) it is important to train carefully and purposefully towards recovery.

Personal intake

When you want to train at Mothers in Motion, a thorough analysis is made of how your body is doing. We find out whether there is any damage, how fit you are and which muscle groups require extra care or attention. You always train with a certified (pelvis) physical therapist.

Contact Stephanie at info@mothersinmotion.nl for more information, personal advise or to plan an appointment. 


BACK IN SHAPE offer (4+1 for free)

Postnatal intake consisting of a physical examination and a personal recovery and training programm
AND 5x 1 hour of personal training with a certified physical therapist

Normally € 485,50, now € 410,- (1x PT for free!) 


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