Specialised prenatal and postnatal workouts, treatments and guidance.

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Stay fit - prenatal group lessons

Continue training during your pregnancy; safely ánd fun!
At Mothers in Motion you have unlimited acces to join our specialized group lessons for future moms for € 75,- p/m. We offer a choice of work-outs, each with their own specific goals, and all specifically developed to effectively train pregnant women.
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Pregnant - Core & More

Times on request | Duration 50 min | Goal: strength & flexibility
Every monday evening we have a pregnancy workout "Pregnant Core & More" in our fitness center in private practice in the center of Rotterdam.

This lesson is great for a very diverse strength and flexibility training of all of the important muscle groups that are necessary for a healthy pain free pregnancy. In the lesson different training tools are used such as dumbells, dynabands, pelvic rings, mats.The pelvic floor is always covered in these lessons. Stephanie pays extra attention to the biomechanical lines of the body so that you specifically train the right muscles with the right posture "Have you done yours today!

Prenatal Strength Training

Times on request | Duration: 50 minutes | Goal: Strength of core, back and arms

Almost all important muscle groups are covered during this pregnancy fitness class. The lesson is given on music in the fitness room. After a warming-up using the cardio machines, we start a a program of strength exercises, training the core muscles, but also back, legs and arms. A lot of attention is paid to a good posture and a correct, safe way of training. The lesson is concluded with a collective cool-down / stretch.

It is a group lesson, existing of different exercises or a cicuit, so it can be adjusted to your personal level and speed. This makes the lesson suitable for any stage in the pregnancy.


Pregnant Bootcamp

Times on request | Duration: 50 min |  Goal: strength & condition

Every Thursday evening go to the outdoors for a great bootcamp training tailored made for the pregnant woman. During the bootcamp you train strength and fitness with your own body weight and sometimes with natural attributes, such as benches, trees, hills, walls and stairs. When it is really too cold, rainy or dark, we have the opportunity to train indoors in one of our training areas. Extra attention is paid to your posture.


Pregnant Workout

Times on request | Duration: 50 min | Goal: strength & condition 

This group training is a tough combination of aerobics and strength training i.c.m. pelvic floor exercises. Your condition is built up and your body gets stronger all on music with a good beat, know that you are going to sweat! This workout is sometimes outside and sometimes inside depending on the weather.

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