Sporting after delivery

Post-natal training & guidance
It is extremely important that you train after the birth and that you get the right exercises in the right sequence and with the right intensity. If you train too hard or too fast, you may even experience more problems in your pelvis. We work with physiotherapists who are also personal trainers who are trained to provide post-natal training. You will receive a personal training schedule to get back in shape.

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Back in shape - responsible sports after delivery

After delivery it is very important that your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles return to a good strong level. It can be difficult for young mothers to find time and energy to train and to get back into shape. Mothers in Motion helps you to achieve your goals, with a personalized training scedule. Besides that, you can join several groups lessons, specifically developed for young mothers. The classes are given by specialized professionals. During the day you are free to bring your baby to our gym, this way you don't need a babysitter. Every now and then we organise special MOM & baby work-outs.

It is important that you can schedule a workout 2x per week. This is enough. In addition, it is important that you rebuild the abdominal muscles with diligence  and expertise .... Otherwise you can actually cause direct damage in the sense of prolapses and incontinence!

Untill the end of your year-subscription you have unlimited acces to all of these sport facilities. After finalizing the Mothers in Motion program you are welcome to continue your training a with one of our regular fitness subscriptions.

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Intake and personal training scedule

In order to ensure that you are doing responsible and effective exercise after the delivery, we always start with an intake or "Measure up the damage" with Stephanie Leyh. Your delivery, wishes, needs and objectives are discussed and an extensive physical analysis is done with special focus on the pelvic floor and stomach muscles. Afterwards you can join special groeplessens postnatal . 

How does it work? Our three-part intake:

Part I = Measuring the damage with Stephanie, discuss the measuring of the pelvic floor
Part II = testing strength and condition (especially of the abdominal muscles) and drawing up a schedule with the right joints
Part III = discussing the scheme personally with you

Get "back in shape"quick and responsibly after your delivery!

Our postnatal training program is a part of the Mothers in Motion 5 step program but also available separately.
Contact us at 010 217 9340,or for information or to plan a free trial lesson. 

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