Specialised prenatal and postnatal workouts, treatments and guidance.

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Intake, analysis & advice

If you want to train at Mothers in Motion during your pregnancy, an "intake" is necessary. An analysis of joints and muscles, your strength and phyical condition form the basis of your personalized training schedule (and -if needed- an advice for addition therapy treatments).

[Translate to English:] Intake en persoonlijk trainingsschema voor zwangeren

Analysis and customized training schedule

To be able to exercise responsibly and effectively during pregnancy, an "intake" is necessary. Your goals and any complaints or concerns are discussed and you are physically screened by Stephanie Leyh, this is also necessary to adjust your training schedule to your body. An analysis of your muscles and joints brings attention to the risk areas. We want to avoid any pregnancy complaints! By means of this “MOT” we can optimally arm your body against "pelvic instability" and other pregnancy problems as well as make a tailor-made training program.

How does it work? It is a three-part intake:

Part I = MOT with Stephanie
Part II = testing strength and condition and drawing up a plan with the right weights
Part III = personally going through with you your  schedule

Find out more?

Our prenatal intake is a part of the Mothers in Motion 5 step program but also available separately.
Call 010 217 9340 or send us a message at info@mothersinmotion.nl for more information, for making an appoinment or planning a trial lesson at our gym.