Specialised prenatal and postnatal workouts, treatments and guidance.

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Our mission

Mothers in Motion was developed by Stephanie Leyh, (co-) owner of Physiomotion and experienced manual - (pelvis) physical therapist.

"I am deeply convinced that with proper guidance and preparation, women do not have to experience pain during pregnancy as also they will feel fit and have confidence that childbirth can go smoothly and that the mother can then have more fun with her newborn baby. Moreover, nobody has to accept incontinence after she has given birth. It is my mission to make this message known everywhere."


Take good care of yourself, during and after pregnancy

Mothers in Motion was founded in 2008 by Stephanie Leyh. As a pelvic floor therapist she was often confronted with complaints that occurred during and after pregnancy. For Stephanie this was the  reason to set up a preventive sports and training program for women: Mothers in Motion.

"I see so many women who walk around after a birth with really annoying symptoms, such as loss of urine, or pain in the pelvic area during sex, pain in the lower back area or tail bone;  they think to themselves that this is the way it goes, cannot do anything about it and try to accept it… "Both during pregnancy I see that still too many  women do not take the time to take good care of themselves and set time to train and take care of their body!  This is such a pity!  (Men would never allow such complaints… !)  Even after giving birth you are very able to go through life without panty liners, enjoy your favorite sport and a good sex life. " Please get help or email me! "


In Mothers in Motion, results from more than 20 years of study and experience come together. Stephanie has expertise in breathing techniques (capnometry), physical therapy, manual therapy, ultrasound examination, pelvic floor therapy, fitness, sports rehabilitation and sports training.

The Mothers in Motion prenatal and postnatal programs have been developed to offer future mothers a concrete and highly effective package to enjoy healthy and complaint-free pregnancy and motherhood. It contains all the necessary elements to prepare you optimally, to prevent complaints and to make you feel fit, strong and energetic. From the beginning of pregnancy to complete recovery after delivery.


Stephanie is "a woman on a mission" and is happy to tell you all about what you can do to enjoy a fit and complaint-free pregnancy.
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