Specialised prenatal and postnatal workouts, treatments and guidance.

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Sports & guidance during pregnancy (from wk 12!)

With our pregnancy sport subscription you have unlimited acces to our specialised group lessons and fitness facilities. With our expert knowledge we also offer a wide range of online workshops, personal training, small group training, (pelvic) physical therapy and some combined packages, to provide optimal preparation for your delivery and enjoy a fit and complaint-free pregnancy. We invite you to contact us for a free trial lesson. Afterwards we can discuss your needs and put together your perfect 'ready-for-delivery' program.
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Sport & guidance during the pregnancy:

We offer a wide range of prenatal services. Make an appointment to discuss which services suit your needs!

[Translate to English:] intake en persoonlijk traiingsprogramma

Intake, analysis & personalized schedule

During a pregnancy your body goes through major changes. This effects the balance in the spine and pelvis.Our priority is to train safely and respoinsibly and prevent any complaints such as pain or pelvic instability.  This why, when starting at Mothers in Motion, we always start with an "intake" in which your goals are set. During this intake you will also be physically screened by one of our therapists to adjust the training schedule to your body. A kind of "MOT" for future mothers. An analysis of your muscles and joints brings to light possible points of attention. This analysis forms the base of your further training at Mothers In Motion. 


Sport start-up: Sport instruction & personal training

In order to train safely and effectively it is essential that all exercises are performed correctly. You and your baby's safety are themost important! The sport start-up consists of two personal training sessions. During these sessions we teach you to understand and execute the most important exercises (which are also used a lot in the different group lessons). During these sessions we will use mirrors for visual feedback. A lot of attention is paid to body aligment. We also explain how the exercises work and what goals they serve. 


Prenatal ultrasound of the stomach muscles

Incorrect use of the stomach muscles during your pregnancy can cause (irreversible) damage to the abdominal wall, such as navel hernia's and diastasis. As a part of the Mothers in Motion "Complete" prenatal program we provide you with a prenatal ultrasound. During this special prenatal stomach muscle training, we use ultrasound for real-time imaging, a direct bio-feedback to give you direct insight into how you can use the abdominal muscles and how to contract them in the correct way. This will help you train and use the muscles safely and prevent damage such as diastasis. The prenatal ultrasound is a "conscious learning experience". 

[Translate to English:] Prenatale workshops: voorbereiding op de bevalling

Online pregnancy course: preparing for delivery

A 5 part online pregnancy course physically and mentally prepare you for your delivery and maternity period. You will get practical tips, instructions and exercises to ensure that the delivery goes as well as possible and to prevent injuries. The first workshop is best attended early in the pregnancy for optimal effect. You can start with workshops 2 - 5 around week 30 of the pregnancy. (Click here for upcoming workshop dates)


Breathing technique: Online analysis and training

Many people develop poor breathing technique over the years. This can cause a wide range of physical and mental complaints. During pregnancy and delivery, optimal oxygen uptake is vital for you and your baby. With the help of our capnotrainer we can analyze and train your breathing in a personal live interactive webinar session. Read more

[Translate to English:] sporten tijdens de zwangerschap, Rotterdam

5. Unlimited fitness & group lessons

As a Mother in Motion member you have unlimited acces to our active group lessons, developed specifically for pregnant women, at our gym in the centre of Rotterdam. These lessons are developed to train fitness, strength and flexibility and target  those muscle groups that suffer the most during pregnancy and delivery. The variety of lessons, gives you the possibility to choose the lessons that you like or fit best in your personal planning. In addition to the group lessons, you have unlimited access to train in our gym, independantly with your personal sports schedule, or under supervision of one of our personal trainers. 

Costs & getting started

Unlimited fitness & group lessons during pregnancy € 75,- p/m
Prenatal program "Compleet" € 762,
Prenatal program "Essentials" € 594,-

It is also possible to choose our services in a “a la carte” menu in combination with the Pelvic, Back & Belly Check-up pre-natal. This is a mandatory check so that you and your baby train in a safe and effective way!  
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