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Mothers in Motion & health insurance

Choosing a health insurance policy

(Source: zoekopedia.nl) The last month of the year is full of festivities, but it is also the month in which you have to make the decision that you will switch to a new health insurer. All health insurers must announce their premiums in November, giving everyone ample time to switch. What should you pay attention to when switching and how do you not only get the best health insurance, but also the cheapest health insurance?

Until when can you switch?
There are a few exceptions, but for all Dutch people you want to transfer you have canceled your current health insurance policy no later than 31 December. As a rule, most people will also immediately have taken out a new health insurance policy. If you have not done this, you will have until 31 January of the new year to find a new health insurer. Your new health insurance will then take effect retroactively from 1 January. Show yourself on January 31 if you don't have a new insurance policy yet, you can get a fine.

With an 'Naturaverzekering', the health insurer pays the healthcare costs directly. But this also applies if you purchase care from a care provider who has a contract with the health insurer. So you have less choice in treatment providers. If you nevertheless choose a practitioner who does not have a contract with your health insurer, you must pay part of the invoice yourself. There are insurers that offer a budget policy. For example, with Zilveren Kruis you can opt for Basic Budget. You can only go to care with contracted care providers. Budget policies offer a very low premium, but no freedom of choice. This is especially beneficial for people who receive little care.

Refund insurance
Do you want a lot of freedom of choice and the certainty that you will receive all healthcare reimbursements? Then opt for reimbursement insurance. Just like with a kind insurance, the insurer will pay the healthcare costs with care providers with whom they have a contract. If you go to a practitioner with whom you do not have a contract, you will have to advance the bill yourself and declare the costs yourself. You will, however, receive full reimbursement of the costs.

The deductible
There is an excess on the basic insurance. Up to 2021 this is an amount of € 385. The deductible is the amount that you first have to pay yourself, before you are eligible for reimbursement from the basic insurance. Do you make little or no use of care? Then you can ask to voluntarily increase the excess. If you make comparisons between the different insurers, you will see that the maximum return on top of the standard deductible is € 500. This can be very interesting, because it gives you a substantial discount on the premium. If you have a lot of healthcare costs, then you should not do this

Physiomotion / Mothers in Motion and health insurance

From 2020, Physiomotion has chosen to no longer conclude contracts with health insurers. This means that our treatments fall under "non-contracted care". If you have a refund policy then you still have freedom of choice and money is reimbursed for everything where and who you are going to. If you have a kind policy, you must go to the health insurer institution / health care provider to get everything reimbursed. So no freedom of choice. If you go to a "non-contracted" care provider, only 60% of the reimbursements would be.

From 2020, we ask everyone to settle all costs directly by debit card after the treatments have ended. You will then receive a receipt by e-mail that you can discuss with the health insurer yourself.

Do you have questions regarding health insurance? Ask it when you visit and contact via info@physiomotion.nl or info@mothersinmotion.nl.