Specialised prenatal and postnatal workouts, treatments and guidance.

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'Back in shape' after pregnancy

Every childbirth is different. That is why recovery after childbirth is always customized. With us you always start with a personal intake. This serves to make an initial assessment and to determine a plan of action. We offer various options for analysis and treatment of possible damage to the abdomen or pelvic floor. Then you can join us for fitness and postnatal group classes, small group training or personal training. Together we determine your ideal route to recovery. You can start from about 6 weeks up to years after delivery.

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Treatment & training after delivery

Mothers in Motion offer specialised pelvic floor therapy. We use a wide range of measurent and training techniques. During our postnatal intake we can decide which ones are suitable for your individual situation.

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Intake: Pelvic, Back & Belly Check-up (mandatory)

After a break of approximately six weeks after the delivery you can start our postnatal program. This always starts with a personal intake with (pelvic floor) physical therapist Stephanie. During the first visit we evaluate the delivery and maternity period and do a physical check of the hips, pelvis and abdomen. Every woman is different and every delivery is different. In order to offer an optimal route to recovery, we need to analyse any possible damage to the pelvic floor or abdominal wall. We discuss your personal needs and goals, decide if you need any treatments ot further analysis and put together an individual "Back in Shape plan".


Pelvic floor function test & training

A year after giving birth for the first time 80% of all women have pelvic floor issues. By performing a manual and EMG pelvic floor measurement, you will get a reliable insight in the state of you pelvic floor and what should be done for achieve full recovery. 

We start with an extensive function test of your pelvic floor by means of a manual examination (once and only, performed by specialist, Stephanie Leyh), in addition we do an EMG measurement in different positions to have a complete picture of the functions of the pelvic floor. If needed we have a home trainer that you can rent to additionally train at home. We can monitor your recovery and adjust trainings to this. Pelvic floor training can prevent or solve many complaints and inconveniences,


Postnatal abdominal ultrasound

During a pregnancy and delivery the abdominal muscles have to endure a lot. To get a reliable insight in any possible damage to the abdominal wall ánd to work on your recovery effectively, you can get a postnatal ultrasound of the abdominal muscles at Mothers in Motion. During this ultrasound we can see if the stomach muscles are still intact, or if you suffer from diastasis or hernia f.e. We can get a clear and exact view of the state of your abdominal muscles. This way we can put together a fully customised training for your stomach muscles. During recovery we can also help you with sport specific rehabilitatation, to make sure that you can get back to practicing your favourite sport. 


Sport start-up: Sports instruction, training schedule & personal training

For a full recovery after your delivery it's very important to train carefully, and under specilist guidance. During a first appoinment one of our personal trainers do an extensive physical test, to give a clear insight in your condition, strength and BMI. This way the training can be customised to your specific, physical situation. Based on all results we draw-up a personalized POST-motion training schedule, and you are invited for a second meeting to go throught the training program under guidance of one of our personal trainers the first time. This way you will get a super effective and safe way to recovery!


Sports after pregnancy: fitness & group lessons

Our regular sport subscription, or special postnatal packages offer you unlimited acces to several groups lessons, specifically developed for young mothers. The classes are given by specialized professionals. During the day you are free to bring your baby to our gym, this way you don't need a babysitter.

In addition to the group lessons, you have unlimited access to train in our gym, independantly with your personal sports schedule, or under supervision of one of our personal trainers. During the daily hours of "Training in de zaal" a certified instructor is present to help you with your exercises. 


Personal training after pregnancy

Many young mothers struggle with getting back to training after giving birth. Both physically and mentally the maternity period is an intense and challenging period. Over the years, we have found that personal training is by far the most successful method for women to pick up training and quickly get rid of their pregnancy. By drawing up a personal training schedule with your trainer and planning a route to recovery and getting back in shape, you are motivated to continue. More importantly, training can be completely tailored to your personal situation. 

As of 2023, we also offer small group training. A unique combination of the dynamics of a group class and the specialist guidance of personal training.

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