Responsible training after delivery: group lessons

A safe recovery after delivery and quickly 'back in shape'?
With your Mothers in Motion subscription you have unlimited acces to our group lessons specifically developed for young mothers. You can choose from different workouts, each with their own specific goal, and all of them developed for an effective recovery after giving birth. Download the current scedule here.


Walk-in training (MOM & BABY)

Monday 14.00 - 15.00 and Friday 14.00 - 15.00 | Goal: strength & condition

Twice a week, new moms - with their baby! - can visit our fitness room for a flexible training hour under professional supervision. The lessons are fully tailored to the individual and can therefore be followed soon after the birth. It is no problem if you come in a little later or want to leave earlier. We can always find a suitable and quiet place in the room for your baby.

The lessons are a combination of strength and fitness exercises, often in circuit form, so that everyone can train at theit own pace. The lessons include using the fitness equipment and additional materials such as weights or mats. A very flexible, accessible and pleasant postnatal fitness clas, professionally supervised and tailored to the individual. And .... no babysitter needed!

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Morning abs

Wednesday 09.00 - 09.30 | Duration: about 30 min | Goal: core and abdominal muscle exercise 

Every Wednesday morning upstairs in our fitness room, extra attention is paid to the abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles are one of the most important muscle groups in our body and in this half hour we do everything to make them strong and keep them strong. Very good attention is paid to your core and corrected. If you participate in this, you do not have to do abdominal exercises at home or in your schedule for 2-3 days after. They need rest. Everything of the abs will be trained. Before or after this you can get started with your own schedule and / or cardio. If you are free on the Wednesday morning, this is a lesson you do not want to miss and can start your day off great! 

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Core & More

Monday 19.00 - 20.00 and Thursday 20.30 - 21.30 hours | Duration: approximately 1 hour | Goal: Strength and condition

Core and More targets and takes care of the post natal mothers, but goes a step further. We train very well the core, certainly 15 min to 20 min. of each lesson is spent only on the core muscle groups. In addition, squats and lunges are always in class in a very dynamic style with music and big movements. Once again you train everything in the good bio-mechanical lines so that every detail counts and is paid attention by our teachers. This is  certain a lesson in your post natal program when your working to be back in shape. During our Thursday night- sessions extra attention is paid to training the pelvic muscles, the monday night training offers a more general work-out. 

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Postnatal Pilates

Friday 09.30 -10.30 | Duration: about 60 min | Aim: strength of the core  & flexibility

Pilates is a quiet lesson where the focus is on strength through endurance, muscle extension techniques in combination with muscle strengthening techniques. You always use your own body weight in class. Very often we use weights or other training resources. Breathing during the lesson is also very important and attention is also paid to this. Various muscle groups always come back so you also train the whole body. All exercises are practically done on a mat on a very quiet music in the background. You feel very energetic after class. After 6 lessons you also notice that you are much more flexible and can move more easy in your joints. 

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Bodies in Motion

Saturday 09.30 -10.30 | Duration: approximately 1 hour | Goal: strength and coordination of all muscle groups

This 'surprise lesson' is suitable for approximately 3 months after delivery. It's a lesson that targets all major muscle groups post natal. This certainly means the stomach muscles, back muscles, shoulder muscles, not to mention the leg and buttock muscles. In this lesson we do not perform any jumping and spring exercises because this is not good for the postnatal body. The lesson always consists of a combination of warm-up / endurance training, strength training of legs, upper back and core and a stretch to top it of. Furthermore, the interpretation and the teacher are a surprise every week, are we working with steps, weights, ropes or other material? Only one way to find out;)

Free trial lesson?

Our postnatal group lessons are a part of the Mothers in Motion 5 step program, but also available separately. Are you curious about our postnatal workouts and group lessons and looking for a responsible way to recover and get back into shape after delivery?

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