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Mothers in Motion goes online

Because CORRECT and SAFE training for pregnant and postnatal ladies is incredibly important, Mothers in Motion continues training, even during...

Corona protocol

Dear moms (to be),


Sunday the 15th of March the government has announced the new protocol and measures to protect everyone concerning this very...

diastase voorkomen zwangerschap

Prevent diastase issues with prenatal training

Prevent diastase complaints


Diastasis around pregnancy means a separation of the left and right sides of the midline abdominal wall caused by...

'Back to Run Quick-Check'- FREE postnatal screening (7,14,21 DEC)

Running is a great effective and efficient way to exercise as also it frees your mind of busy motherhood life! After giving birth and taking it easy...

Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

If you are at low-risk pregnancy, it is encouraged to do at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week, or 20-30 minutes per day (BJSM,...

reduce stretch marks

[TIP] How to prevent or reduce stretch marks

MSM Plus Vital Care Lotion is a great lotion to keep your skin soft, supple and healthy during pregnancy and reduce your chance of stretch marks.

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