Enjoy pregnancy and motherhood healthy and complaint-free.

The Mother in Motion 5 step program offers an all-in package of pre- and post natal training programs, physiotherapy, guidance and preparatory workshops, to guide future mothers through pregnancy and delivery 'unstressed' .

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Mothers in Motion - Rotterdam

Do you want to...

  • stay fit during pregnancy?
  • prevent pelvic floor instability and be sure that you train on a medically safe way?
  • learn breathing techniques so you are calm during delivery?
  • prevent tearing your pelvic floor area during delivery?
  • recover in a responsible way during postpartum period?
  • the best training of your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor before and after delivery?
  • regain your energy level and get your figure back as soon as possible after delivery?

The Mothers in Motion 5 step program:

From healthy pregnancy to fit-mom:
Enjoy a year of specialist guidance and unlimited, personalized training.

Prenatal analysis and intake

1. Intake, analysis & personalized scedule

Your Mothers in Motion program starts with an intake. By means of this “MOT” we can optimally arm your body against "pelvic instability" and other pregnancy problems. An analysis of joints and muscles, your strength and phyical condition form the basis of your personalized training scedule (and -if needed- an advice for addition therapy treatments)

Sporting during your pregnancy - Rotterdam

2. Sports during the pregnancy

With your personalized training scedule you can safely continue training during your pregnancy, up to week 40! All of our group lessons, specifically developed for pregnant women, ánd unlimited acces to our gym for training by yourself (under guidance of our personal trainers) are included in the program.

Prenatale workshops: voorbereiding op de bevalling

3. Prenatal workshops: preparing for delivery

A series of 5 workshops prepare you for your delivery and maternity period. Breathing techniques, as well as ways to prevent damage to your abdominal wall or pelvic floor will be discussed during the workshops.

Delivery & maternity period - Rotterdam

- - - Delivery & maternity period - - -

After the delivery your body - above all- needs rest. Your subscription will be 'frozen' during this period, giving you full oportunity to enjoy your maternity period. Of course Mothers in Motion is available for advice during this period, for example in case of back of pelvic floor  problems.After about six weeks you are welcome to restart the program and start working on your recovery. 


4. Postnatal intake

To ensure a quick and effective recovery after the delivery, a Post-motion check up is necessary. With a evaluation of the delivery and maternity period, and a manual and  EMG check we do a full analysis of the condition of your abdomen and pelvic floor muscles. This form the base of your personalized POST-motion training scedule. With the right training you can train your pelvic floor muscles to the desired functional level!

Training and recovery after delivery - Rotterdam

5. Sports after delivery

For a full recovery after your delivery it's very important to train carefully, and under specilist guidance. Based on the resultst of the manual and EMG research, our personal trainers provide a personalized training scedule. The final months of you subscription you can join our specialized group lessons for young mothers and you get unlimited acces to our gym. Feel free to bring your baby!


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Stephanie Leyh

I'm a physiotherapist, pelvic floor therapist and manual therapist, I teach fitness and aerobics classes and I am a respiratory specialist (capno trainer). It is my goal to improve the lives of (pregnant) women. I am deeply convinced that with proper guidance and preparation, women do not have to experience any pain and should be able to feel fit during their pregnancy, that a delivery can go smoothly and that young mothers can then enjoy their newborn baby more. Moreover, no woman should accept incontinence after giving birth. It is my mission to make this message known everywhere. In MOTHERS IN MOTION, results of over 20 years of study and experience come together.

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