Specialised prenatal and postnatal workouts, treatments and guidance.

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Courses in preparation for delivery and maternity period

Our five instructive and practical courses physically and mentally prepare you for your delivery and maternity period. 
We now offer this pregnancy courseonline, through Zoom.

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[Translate to English:] Workshops ter voorbereiding op de bevalling
[Translate to English:] Workshops ter voorbereiding op de bevalling - centrum Rotterdam

Well prepared for delivery and maternity period

Your preparation for delivery and maternity period starts with the information you get during our 5 instructive and practical workshops.

Mothers in Motion has developed five workshops from 18 years of experience as pelvic-manual and respiratory physical therapist and of treating / training of pre and postnatal ladies. They are intended to go along with the information that you receive from your midwife and / or gynecologist. The information is extra but important and has the focus on the body of the expectant mother and your body during your recovery in the maternity leave.

They are totally from a pelvic physical therapeutic point of view informing you of physiological recovery of tissues such as muscles, joints, ligaments and connective tissue.

[Translate to English:] workshops ter voorbereiding op de bevalling - in Rotterdam

The workshops

Workshop 1: Your pelvic floor and stomach muscles
How can you prevent tearing of your pelvic floor during your delivery? The best time to join this workshop is early in the pregnancy.

Workshop 2: The delivery
How can you enjoy the best delivery and save your energy?

Workshop 3: Optimal breathing
How do you breath the best now and during your delivery?

Workshop 4: Do's & Don'ts during maternity period
How do you get the best and quickest recovery?

Workshop 5: Partner class
How can your partner help you the best during your delivery?

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Do you want to be well prepared for delivery and maternity period?

Learn all about what to expect and what you can do to prevent physical complaints, and to fully enjoy pregnancy and maternity period! 
Our workshops are part of our prenatal packages or can be followed separately ( €60,- per workshop or € 270,- for the series of 5 workshops)

Call 010 217 9340, or send us a message at info@mothersinmotion.nl for more information or registration.