Pelvic floor function test

A year after giving birth for the first time 80% of all women have pelvic floor issues. By performing a manual and EMG pelvic floor measurement, you will get a reliable insight in the state of you pelvic floor and what should be done for achieve full recovery. 

Pelvic floor measurement manually and with EMG
[Translate to English:] Controle van de bekkenbodem dmb EMG meting

Manual and EMG measurement

A delivery is a heavy burden on the pelvic floor. When you are cut or have a tear or a vacuum extraction has to be performed, we recommend that you definitely analyze your pelvic floor muscles if they are functioning  as they should!  If you have not suffered any damage, your pelvic floor is always stretched 240% during any delivery, so a function test is not superfluous.

At Mothers in Motion we do an extensive function test of your pelvic floor by means of a manual examination (once and only, performed by specialist, Stephanie Leyh), in addition we do an EMG measurement in different positions to have a complete picture of the functions of the pelvic floor . This is done with a 2 channel measurement of the abdomen and pelvic floor. If you only do one channel you can see a 'false' positive image because there are many muscles (buttocks, adductors and abdomen) that can contract instead of the pelvic floor making it look good on the screen!

If your pelvic floor is not in order or if it does not do anything at all (which often occurs after a cut, vacuum and / or rupture) then we have a home trainer that you can rent and usually within a month or two everything is back in order, so no worries! But do not wait to call in professional help. You do not have to walk around with inconveniences.

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Our pelvic floor function test is a part of the Mothers in Motion 5 step program but also available separately. Call 010 217 9340 or contact us at for information or to plan an appointment.