Sporting during the pregnancy

Many women notice their condition declining during their pregnancy, run into discomforts and aches, feel tired, or wánt to train but are insecure on what's best for themselves and above all, the baby.

With our specialized group lessons and a personalized training scedule you can safely continue training during your pregnancy.

[Translate to English:] Veilig sporten tijdens de zwangerschap
[Translate to English:] verantwoord sporten tijdens de zwangerschap

Pre-motion sports: strength training and group lessons during pregnancy

A pregnancy costs you a lot of extra energy. Your weight gradually increases and your condition gets worse. You can no longer do everything you were used to. Your hormones also play a role. And most importantly: the delivery;  This is comparable to a marathon of 14 hours, or longer. 

Make sure your body is fit and then you often have an easier recovery. At Mothers in Motion we have group lessons and you get a personal schedule for strength training tailored made! This way you can progress well and you can continue training until the 40th week.

Train safely during your pregnancy?

Our prenatal training program is a part of the Mothers in Motion 5 step program but also available separately. 

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