The 5 step program

A full year of training & specialist guidance

The Mothers in Motion step-by-step program guides you through your pregnancy (you can start from around week 12) and ends around 4 to 5 months after delivery. The full package of maternity fitness, group classes for pregnant women and young mothers, and specialist trainings and workshops will help you stay fit and complaint-free during pregnancy and delivery, and ensure a quick and responsible recovery after delivery.

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What does our program involve?

Mothers in Motion Rotterdam - timeline

Sports & specialist guidance during and after your pregnancy

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1. Intake, analysis & personalized scedule

If you want to train at Mothers in Motion during your pregnancy, first you are invited to join a free trial lesson. This way you get to meet our team, the group., location and lessons. The best time to start the program is around week 12 of your pregnancy, but you can always start later (up to around week 25).  
The first step of the program is an "intake" in which your goals are set. During this intake you will also be physically screened by one of our therapists to adjust the training schedule to your body. A kind of "MOT" for future mothers. An analysis of your muscles and joints brings to light possible points of attention. Based on this intake, your personal training scedule will be drawn up during your second appointment. To 'test' your trainings schedule you will be invited to go through the complete program under supervision the first time.
By training respponsibly you should (usually) be able to actively take part in our lessons until week 40. If needed we will advise you suitable additional physiotherapeutic treatments to support your specific physical situation. These are often reimbursed by your health insurance.

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2. Sports during the pregnancy

With you personal training scedule you can safely train during your pregnancy, up to week 40 of the pregnancy! As a Mother in Motion member you can join our active group lessons developed specifically for pregnant women, three times a week at our gym in the centre of Rotterdam. (Click here for the training scedule).

These lessons are developed to train fitness, strength and flexibility and target  those muscle groups that suffer the most during pregnancy and delivery. The variety of lessons, gives you the possibility to choose the lessons that you like or fit best in your personal planning. In addition to the group lessons, you have unlimited access to train in our gym, independantly with your personal sports schedule, or under supervision of one of our personal trainers. 

[Translate to English:] Prenatale workshops: voorbereiding op de bevalling

3. Prenatal workshops: preparing for delivery

A series of five workshops physically and mentally prepare you for your delivery and maternity period. You will get practical tips, instructions and exercises to ensure that the delivery goes as well as possible and to prevent injuries. The first workshop is best attended early in the pregnancy for optimal effect. You can start with workshops 2 - 5 around week 30 of the pregnancy. (Click here for upcoming workshop dates) Unless all participants are dutch, workshops will be given in English. 

  • Workshop 1: Pelvic floor & abdominal muscles: How can you prevent tearing of the pelvic floor during delivery? 

  • Workshop 2: The delivery: How can you enjoy the best delivery and save your energy?

  • Workshop 3: Optimal breathing: How do you breath the best now and during your delivery?

  • Workshop 4: Do's & Don'ts during maternity period: How do you get the best and quickest recovery?

  • Workshop 5: Partner class: How can your partner help you the best during your delivery?

[Translate to English:] Bevalling en kraamtijd

- - - Delivery & maternity period - - -

After the delivery your body - above all- needs rest. Your subscription will be 'frozen' during this period, giving you the opportunity to fully enjoy your maternity period. Of course Mothers in Motion is available for advice during this period, for example in case of back of pelvic floor  problems. We al;so have a whatsapp group where you can post your questions anytime. Towards the end of this break you and your baby are invited for a free "Welcome back: session. Expect "Beschuit met muisjes", lots of opportunity to exchange experiences with the other moms ánd a first small mom & baby work-out. Around six weeks after delivery you are welcome to restart the program and start working on your recovery. 

[Translate to English:] Manuele controle en EMG meting bekkenbodem en buikspieren

4. Postnatal intake

After a break of approximately six weeks after the delivery you return to the practice. During the first visit we evaluate the delivery and maternity period and do a first physical check of the hips, pelvis and abdomen. During the second meeting an extended assesment of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles will be done (manual and EMG). This will give a sure insight in the state of pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and how to train them correctly. (and if additional training or treatment is necessary). Based on all results we draw-up a personalized POST-motion training scedule, and you are invited to go throught the training program under guidance of one of our personal trainers the first time. 

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5. Sports after delivery

For a full recovery after your delivery it's very important to train carefully, and under specilist guidance. It can be difficult for young mothers to find time and energy to train and to get back into shape. Mothers in Motion helps you to achieve your goals, with a personalized training scedule. Besides that, you can join several groups lessons, specifically developed for young mothers. The classes are given by specialized professionals. During the day you are free to bring your baby to our gym, this way you don't need a babysitter. Every now and then we organise special MOM & baby work-outs.Untill the end of your year-subscription you have unlimited acces to all of these sport facilities. After finalizing the Mothers in Motion program you are welcome to continue your training a with one of our regular fitness subscriptions.

Costs & getting started

You can start sporting with Mothers in Motion at any time, from 40,- p/m.
The complete 5 step program costst  € 729,- (or 12 monthly installments of € 65,40)*. Click here for an overview of rates & fees.

Call 010 217 9340 for information or contact us to plan a meeting or free trial lesson.


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