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Pelvic physical therapy

With pelvic physical therapy you can ensure optimal functioning of the pelvis, lower back, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. Too many woman accept issues because they think it's normal and a part of pregnancy and giving birth. This is not true!


Common complaints after delivery

  • Do you have pain in your pelvis area, in your back or neck, in your buttocks, pubic bone or buttocks?
  • Do you have pain in your upper back and / or neck region?
  • Do you have urinary incontinence, or difficulty in holding your urine?
  • Do you feel a heavy feeling under in the vagina as if you have to give birth again?
  • Do you have an unstable feeling in your pelvic region or do you notice that your abdominal muscles have weakened since the birth?
  • Did you have injury during delivery like an episiotomy or a tear or vacuum extraction?

Many women postnatal contend with these types of complaints while there is no need to live with these problems! Consult with your doctor and / or email Stephanie for advice.

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Pelvic physical therapy after pregnancy

At the first appointment we discuss your wishes and any complaints. You get an explanation about the anatomy of the female body and the connection between the abdominal organs and the whole body during postnatal recovery. Our pelvic physical therapist combines her knowledge of pelvis, manual therapy and training therapy to provide a structural solution for your complaints.

By different ways of treatments: manual therapy techniques, mulligan techniques, internal examination (if necessary) and strength training everything can usually be resolved and strengthened!  After your check and intake of course if there is any doubts we can make a letter and send you to your doctor for further examination!.

Interested in pelvic physical therapy?

Contact Stephanie Leyh at info@mothersinmotion.nl for information, advice or to plan an appointment. 

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