Gespecialiseerde prenatale en postnatale trainingen, behandelingen en begeleiding.

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Mothers in Motion introduces her new “in house” Strength Training Workouts

The best way to become strong is by “Strength Training.”  When your pregnant or recovering from your delivery strength training is very beneficial to your body and also compliments any other sport that you enjoy. Of course you have to know what you are doing and how to do it, especially during pregnancy and recovering in your post-natal time.  

Around motherhood there are a few things important when training: 

  • Training right for you and your baby pre-natal 
  • Training right for you and your body post-natal 
  • Seeing and Feeling improvement every time
  • Enjoying the company of other moms 
  • These days… obeying the CORONA MEASURES

Under the supervision and guidance of Stephanie you will experience just this! This why, starting next week, we will be offering special pre and post natal strength training hours in our fitness facilities. Subscribe using the Virtua Gym app. 

“Now is the time to work on those arms, upper body, legs and glutes Ladies” … “Post natal ladies; let’s get the abdominals going again :)” 

Stephanie will put together a specific workout schedule for you every training so that you will work and feel a different body area each time.
Think of training schedules like:  

  • Push -pull training 
  • Squat focus 
  • Bench press focus
  • Deadlift Focus
  • Back, triceps, biceps, forearms 
  • Chest, Shoulders, Triceps 
  • Or… Legs, Calves and abs (abs for post) 

Join our trainings on Monday, Thursday or Saturday.
Contact us at or (if you already are a member) use the virtua app to plan your training. 


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